Nov 3, 2009


This is my itty bitty little sister, who claims she is taller than I am.  But since I'm older I get to think I'm taller.  ha ha ha  She came to visit me over the summer and since I am the official crazy photo lady in the family, I couldn't let her get away from doing her senior portraits!  I know deep down somewhere she's completely grateful for the many hours I toted her around and told her what to do.  
I am so proud of this girl, she is a rock.  And I can't believe she's a senior, about to graduate!  Yikes!
Have fun this last year!

Mike, Hallie, & Landon

Mike, Hallie, and Landon make up an adorable family who is looking to adopt another child.  I know this family through FSA, Families Supporting Adoption.  They have been such a help to my family as we are struggling to adopt as well.  They hired me to take some family portraits that they could use on their pass along cards.  The cards turned out amazing!  I consider myself very lucky to count these guys as friends!
Like to learn more about their adoption hopes?  
Check out their adoption blog and their adoption profile.
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

"N" Family

These are the "N" family kids.
These three are absolutely amazing kids.  They took time out of their very busy schedules to do a quick session with me at this great park.  It's an old working farm and it has so many places to get great shots!  And I love the fact that the young ladies were willing to go barefoot! 
Thanks for "putting up" with me!


Allow me to introduce Aiva.
She hired me to take some "edgier" portraits.  So we headed downtown.  We were lucky to find some old falling apart parking garages to haunt for a few hours.  I had a blast with this session, she just knew how to pose and was so easy to work with.   

Kenny & Heather


This is Kenny and Heather.
And they got hitched last year in the Dallas Temple.  I was very lucky to be part of their big day!  Kenny has been practically family for many years.  And we are so excited that he found Heather. I love shooting couples in love, they are so fun and adorable!  Especially these two, they were so happy they couldn't stop smiling and laughing!
I'm so thrilled for you guys!!!



This is Kayla, one of my beautiful nieces!  She graduated from high school last year.  And I had the wonderful privilege to take some senior portraits for her.  Since we were just visiting I didn't have my normal backgrounds with me, so we dropped by JoAnn's Fabrics and bought some gorgeous blue material that works perfectly with her blue eyes!  I'm so in love with this fabric that when I got home I bought the same stuff in a deep red!

Congratulations Kayla!