Jan 10, 2013

Valentine's Mini Sessions// Current Specials// Las Vegas Photographer


Do you observe the tradition of setting new year resolutions? 

I have tried resolutions in the past with little success... something about my will power getting it's booty kicked by the all enticing chocolate bar.  =/  But this year I think I have it figured out!  

Step 1- do not make the chocolate mad!
Step 2- make a plan for some totally awesome themed mini sessions!!!

That's right folks!  This year I will be doing a bunch of
These will be 20-30 minute sessions filled with fun and fresh ideas!  (and a whole bunch of props!)  I am excited!  

And to start the year off right...

*drumroll please*

I will be setting up this flower shop scene at the Fox Ridge Park in Henderson.

Two Days only!
Dates and Times still available:

Saturday January 19th- all booked
Wednesday January 30th- 10am and 11am
Saturday February 2nd- 10am, 10:30, 11, 11:30
1pm, 1:30, 2, 2:30, 3, and 3:30

Monday February 4th- 10am, 10:30, 11, and 11:30

*this offer is only valid for the flower shop themed sessions, and only on the days advertised*
**up to three persons. Additional fees may apply for 4 or more persons.  Please contact me to discuss a larger group**

I am so excited about this year's resolution! I am coming up with so many fun ideas!
Like- superheroes, camping, back to school, and of course holiday minis.  If there is a theme that you would LOVE to see happen this year let me know!