Oct 24, 2012

Picture Day// Las Vegas NV Photographer

School Picture Day can be traumatic for kids and parents alike.  All the stress about what to wear and getting the hair done perfectly, and then hoping it survives till picture time.  Having to pick out the best package and keep a few pennies in the bank afterwards.  And after all that you finally get your portraits back and the photographer captured the worst, cheesiest, fake smile, or the "I don't want to be here so I'm not going to smile" face, or the "I just came from recess" wild hair. 


Courtney Lockhart Photography is here to save the day, Picture Day!  I had the privilege to photograph some school portraits at Flying Colors Preschool.  We had a blast!  The morning was filled with giggles, big belly laughs, and amazing smiles!  And every parent is going away with fantastic portraits that they won't be able to wait to share with friends and family.

 Mrs. B the Teacher
Miss P

We even had a couple older helpers(out on fall break) who joined in on all the fun!

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