Dec 7, 2012

Miss M //Symphony Park// Las Vegas Photographer

I have to admit that photographing children ages 2-4 is my favorite thing in the whole wide world!  You know, besides getting loves and snuggles from my own 2 year old.  =)  It is such a fun age when you really get to experience their personalities.   And they always have BIG personalities.  

And little Miss M is no exception.  She was so much fun to work with!  The location definitely matched her personality.  So fun and vibrant.  If I haven't mentioned it before, Symphony Park is a favorite location of mine! 

Sometime little ones will throw a fit during our session, especially towards the end.  And sometimes they are just done.  But there are times when if we can be a little patient and work through the tears we can get a few last amazing images.  This portrait is just an example of that- Miss M was ready to be done, but I had that feeling that we should try for just one more...

And just look at that smile!
It takes up her whole face.
I am so glad that I pushed for just one more shot.

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Megan Marlene | Being Boutique said...

What a fun session! I love all her different outfits and you are right, she does just light up the room.